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How You Can Support Our Campaign

By: Ainsley Barrett, Time for 9 Toolkit Director of Communications

Each and every member of our nation has the power to transform the Time for 9 Toolkit’s recommendations into a reality--one that will guarantee equity to communities in need. If possible, please take the time to visit the official Time for 9 website to learn more about how you can get involved with our campaign, and to look at our policy more in-depth. By reaching out on social media and contacting your legislators, you can help to take action with the essential outlines of our grassroots campaign using the script found on our website. On top of that, you can endorse our campaign simply from visiting our website. As a group that reaches out to legislators to promote our key points, we would appreciate any community endorsements that we may receive to show lawmakers the necessity and public support behind our campaign. To endorse, just open the website, and wait for a pop-up that asks for your contact information to be updated about the happenings with our campaign.

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