Sexual Harassment Action and Reporting in Education (SHARE) Plan

It is estimated that the majority of students will experience some form of sexual harassment between kindergarten and high school graduation, a problem that is often overlooked in K-12 schools. The SHARE Recommendations aim to improve Fairfax County Public School's response to sexual harassment amidst distance learning and new federal Title IX guidelines. Through changes to use survivor oriented language in current policy, the explicit inclusion of virtual programs, and a widely accessible online reporting system, FCPS can increase the accessibility of their reporting and investigative procedures for all members of the school community.

Civil Rights

protecting individual rights and preventing unfair treatment of human beings


ensuring financial stability, stable markets, and the overall wellbeing of the economy


 broadening accessibility and creating meaningful change for a universal right


 promoting youth voice in issues directly endangering our planet today

Public Health

maintaining the health and wellbeing of society by solving critical healthcare issues

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