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Policy Directors: Claire Qian and Litterius Miller

Advocacy Directors: Samira Akbary and Leila Benjelloun


The Civil Rights Policy sector focuses on rights that protect individuals' freedoms and prevent unfair treatment, overlapping with issues around education, employment, housing, lending, voting, and more. In an age of youth activism, the Civil Rights Policy sector uses the youth voice to pave the way for the future in citizenship and civil rights.


August 2020

The PAR Plan takes inspiration from both the federal “We the People” platform and the Parliamentary petition program in the UK. This plan calls for the creation of a government-run site that would facilitate the creation and advocacy of petitions by the members of Santa Clara County to the Board of Supervisors. After receiving the requisite number of signatures, a petition will be subject to a formal response from the Government of Santa Clara. By directly tying public support to government action, PAR reaffirms the rights secured in the First Amendment and ensures that officeholders are held to the will of their constituents.

2. Prisoner Health and equity standards plan

October 2020

Starting first with a supervisory board that monitors, tests, and provides recommendations for prisons, this series of guidelines keeps in mind what has worked in the past: clear standards, clear testing measures, and clear processes when something goes wrong. This body will have the authority to test in prisons, hold prisons accountable when tests come back with subpar scores, and publish reports with recommendations for further action in the future. Altering the informational chain to loop in leadership at the highest level of government should signal the commitment to resolving these long-standing issues at a state level. Overall, this policy targets public health equity across prisons, ensuring a better standard of living for the incarcerated.

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