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Olivia DiGiulio

Vice President of Policy


Olivia Di Giulio is a freshman at Kalamazoo College. In high school, some of the experiences she valued most were serving as student body co-president, working on community education projects with the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, interning with Senator Ron Wyden, and coordinating with her deacon to implement LGBTQ+-friendly education at her parish school. Starting last year, she had the opportunity to develop and teach a middle school-level curriculum aimed at engaging Portland, OR students in the plights their houseless community faces, with a focus on fostering action through empathy, exploring innovative recovery methods, and elevating the voices and experiences of houseless individuals. One of Olivia’s ultimate role models is Sister Kay Burton, an SNJM Sister who runs a community empowerment program in Jonestown, Mississippi. Sister Kay’s sense of integrity and characteristic humility are values Olivia admires and hopes to carry into her own work.

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