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Madeleine Chedraoui

Time for 9 Toolkit - Co-Director of Outreach

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Madeleine is a high school senior from Houston, Texas, and is eager to study Aerospace Engineering and Political Science in college. She is a vocal and passionate advocate for minority communities and is focused on increasing youth awareness and involvement in politics. In high school, she has been Class President and Secretary of Student Government, working specifically on the Effort to Elevate Poverty campaign as well as the FBISD Safe2Save fundraiser and Can the Cougs fundraiser. She is currently President of the Leadership Entrepreneurship Action Program where she hosts leadership workshops and discusses current events with students from her school to increase political awareness. She founded the first High School Engineering Honor Society, an organization that is committed to promoting female and minority inclusivity in the engineering fields, and a recipient of the Foundation’s Buckingham ’69 Scholarship to the Naval Academy Summer Program. She looks forward to making a difference within and beyond her community through the Greater Good Initiative’s Time for 9 Toolkit campaign.  

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