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Claire Qian

Co-Director of Civil Rights Policy

Claire Q Headshot.JPG

My name is Claire Qian and I am a sophomore at Fordham University double majoring in political science and humanitarian studies. I am a passionate advocate and I have worked at the state, national, and international levels to advocate and protect human rights and civil rights. I have previously interned for Ban Conversion Therapy Knentucky where lobbied Kentucky legislators to gain bipartisan support for bill protecting the human rights of lgbtq+ youth, the New York State Division of Human Rights where I handled human rights correspondences, and the United Nation where I represented the Temple of Understanding NGO and conducted research on human rights violations during covid 19 pandemic (specifically the gender based violence that has taken the form of the Shadow pandemic). Apart from advocacy I am also an outreach lead for a global nonprofit Dear Asian Youth that aims to uplift Asian American youth all over the world.

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