Charlie Adams

Director of Environmental Advocacy

Charlie Adams is a senior at George Mason High School in Falls Church City, Virginia, where he advises and informs local environmental policy as a Student Representative to Falls Church City’s Environmental Sustainability Council. Charlie is also the President of the Environmental Club and manages a presidential award-winning hydroponics program and has secured thousands of dollars in grant funding for cutting edge, student-led environmental projects. Charlie has extensive training and experience in environmental journalism and was awarded a scholarship as an InsideClimate News staff reporter to investigate the avoidance of environmental issues in the 2018 senate midterms. He is also the Editor of the Politics and Opinion Section of his high school student newspaper. Charlie serves on his student government as the Executive Board Treasurer and through this position founded and co-chairs the Social Justice Committee, a group dedicated to amplifying student voices on social injustices in our education system and school community. Charlie pursues his passion for politics and government as the elected Vice President of his high school Young Democrats chapter, where he organizes state and local canvassing and campaign events. In his free time Charlie loves a good podcast, and if you do too (and you’re up for an audio adventure) feel free to check out Rockfish Gap- a fictional narrative podcast he created with his brother. 

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